2023 PDGA World Championships - World Champion, Isaac Robinson.

2023 PDGA World Championships - World Champion, Isaac Robinson.

Isaac Robinson has just become the fastest player to win 2 Majors, just 133 days after his triumph at the 2023 PDGA Champions Cup, Isaac Robinson has now just emerged victorious as the champion at the 2023 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships.

Heading in to the final round with a four-stroke cushion on the Fox Run Meadows course, where numerous players were posting exceptional scores on the leaderboard, Robinson displayed remarkable composure securing a 10-under par performance while casually came out and played his style of play. Isaac was not forcing anything and more importantly not played tentatively, in a otherwise very tense and challenging final round, whereas Anthony Barela and Eagle McMahon came charging from the chase card with some scorthing hot rounds.
But it was not enough - And as Isaac stood on 18th tee and enjoyed the view, and even took time to get a picture or two. He was soaking up the moment in the same manor as his 1st major victory at Champions Cup, walking with his family down the fairway. Huge victory and in quite superior fashion.

What the future has in store for this 22 year old guy is exciting. Like many players who was or is on the cusp of the touring pro life, Isaac was just that. Just running the time back to about a year ago, he had this to say: "I was focusing on school for the past three years,(…) "Now that I've graduated, there's nothing keeping me back. I figured I'd give touring a shot and it seems to be going well.”.

Going well indeed most would agree.

Once again, huge congratulations to Isaac Robinson on The 2023 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships title.

Location: Jeffersonville, Vermont, United States
Courses: Fox Run Meadows and Brewster Ridge.

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