TAPPIN' IN with Eric Oakley

TAPPIN' IN with Eric Oakley

A warm welcome to our first ever edition of Tappin' In With... where we will be featurering interviews with disc golf players who inspire us.

The concept is simple: we ask questions to shine a light on some untold gems and provide insights about the featured player both on and off the course.

We are thrilled that Eric Oakley has taken the time to be our first guest. Thank you Eric - and thank YOU for being here with us..

now.. let's tap in:

Eric Oakley #53565
Pensacola, Florida, United States 
PDGA member since 2012

Favorit movie?
- Ghostbusters
- Hot Fuzz
- That Thing You Do
- Back to the Future
It's hard to choose, but these are all movies I can throw on at any time and watch all the way through!

Favorite music?
Trance Music. Giuseppe Ottaviani, this dude just puts out gem after gem!

First ace? How do you know how many aces you’ve got?
My first ace was with a Champion Pre Barry Leopard. 340ft Turnover. I stopped counting, but there have been a solid amount. 

Who introduced you to the game?
My friend Ian Keeble, I played soccer with him growing up and he introduced it to me when we were teenagers. It was back in 2003/2004ish, playing Bear Creek Disc Golf Course in Grapevine Texas (No longer a course, so sad).

When did you realize you that this game is for you? And on this level?
I threw a DX Leopard dead straight a few weeks into playing, I was hooked and was always seeking that flight again. I played the game off and on for about 4 years, always trying to throw far, I played small 1 round tournaments and built up my confidence. I then got ready for big tournaments and asked a local pro, Tony Shirley, what division I should play and he said "You won't learn much from playing Am, I think you will gain way more going MPO, so go MPO, you've got this!" I am so happy he did because it has become my career! Thank you Tony!!! 

Do you have any pre round rituals? Rituals during your round as well?
I always have a Kombucha the night before a tournament round. Nothing during the round other than my preshot routines. 

One of the most memorable moment in your disc career?
Seeing the first disc with my name on it. Having something to show my friends and family that I had made a huge stride was truly special. 

Ultimate goal on behalf of our beloved sport?
To play this game for as long as I can. I truly love this sport and would love to enjoy it forever if my body allows it!

Ultimate goal in your playing career?
To be a positive influence on the future generation of players. I'd love to get wins and accolades, but being able to pave the way for the next generation of talent is something that would stick with me forever. 

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