Simon Lizotte hunting down 8 birdies in a row to snatch the victory at MCO

Simon Lizotte hunting down 8 birdies in a row to snatch the victory at MCO

Another DGPT tournament, another win from the Chase Card. This makes it the 3rd consecutive Elite Series with a Chase Card Champion. Simon Lizotte winning what in recent years seems to become a 'classic' Simon Lizotte win.

Simon Lizotte: "It feels so weird to never feel like you're in contention - until suddenly, you're on top."

When Simon is just out throwing and playing his brand of disc golf, which is playing unafraid and unfazed by scorecard and standings - this guy is as dangerous of a player in the field as they come. 
This is a huge win for arguably the most entertaining frisbee thrower ever to put spin on a disc. First win with a new bag, a new sponsor; MVP. Simon finally got the monkey of his back. 

Congratulations to the German Wunderkind, Simon Lizotte.

Best in the World right now?
Calvin Heimburg has yet to be found outside a top 3 Finish at DGPT events this year. This hot stretch is soon to be (if not already) considered raising the bar for what consistency might look like in todays game.
 currently leads all players in key statistics such as fairway hits, circles in regulation, and birdie percentage, while also putting the pizza in the oven like it's what he do for a living.
If consistency is what you look for in disc golf - consider Heimburg the best in our game to start the season.

Mill Ridge Park

2023 DGPT #4: Music City Open
Location: Nashville, TN
Sponsor: Lone Star Disc

Course type: Temporary
Course designer: Shawn Sinclair
Number of courses in Nashville: 15
Par: 65
Course length: 9,977 ft (2,041 m) (longest course on tour so far)
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