Ricky Wysocki ain't going nowhere

Ricky Wysocki ain't going nowhere

Ricky really didn’t have nothing to prove, but he absolutely played like a man posessed taking down the back-to-back victory at the DGPT Championships. 
Ricky Wysocki showed why he is a an All Time Great.

It became a two man race for the final title of the year, Kyle Klein trying to chase down Ricky Wysocki. After going back and forth along the final round, Ricky made a the biggest of statements on hole 16. While Klein was 25-feet from the basket ready to make it a one-stroke game with two holes to play, Wysocki had other plans with his 80-feet, downhill putt with nothing but multiple added strokes behind the basket. Mr. Wysocki went ahead, not only running this putt, but striping it all the way to the heart of the basket. Unbelievably clutch and clean putt.

Ricky Wysocki had the flamethrower going from C2 the final two rounds, which accounted for a C2-putting percentage at a mind boggling 86% - Just let that sink in.

Ricky was all class and gave credit to Kyle for battling it out and forcing Wysocki to step up and throw great shots. Ricky had this to say about the USDGC Champion:
I had to make some great shots under some high-pressure situations. It was a pleasure battling with him.”.

Congratulations Mr. Wysocki, taking home the last win of the year and the $40.000 prize.

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