MVP Open 2023 Champ, Matty O

MVP Open 2023 Champ, Matty O

Matt Orum came through in spectacular fashion, picking up his first DGPT Elite win at the iconic MVP track.

With a scorching hot back 9, Orum hunted down seven straight birdies on the back nine on championship Sunday, and with every clutch putt he made, he got gradually more pumped with emotion. But emotion which exuded his focus and determination. The time was now for Roll’ Tide.

Orum shot 9-under from the chase card. He was on an absolute tear, stringing an uncommon birdie streak together, which is such a rare and difficult thing to do at the MVP track.
Orum was striping gaps and nailing putts at a rate nobody could follow - even though Gossage and Eagle and the rest of the star-studded field was trying to keep up. But nobody was spinnin' the disc like Matty O on the back9, final day.

The chants of ‘Roll Tide’ and ‘MattyO’ was a site to be seen as he played out hole 18. He captured the victory in front of all the fans  who showed love. But very noteworthy, the players appreciation watching Orum get his first W under the belt. What a wholesome and class moment. Really showing how the touring field is a community in and of itself.

Everyone congratulating Orum, including Simon Lizotte, who were on the lead card with big aspirations (of course) regarding winning the event, was walking down the fairway of hole 17, talking to the camera, congratulating Matt Orum with the words: “Matty O… Couldn’t be happier than to lose to Matty O”.

20 years and 60 Top 10s later, Matt Orum got his W at an elite event - finally kicking in the door he has been knocking on for so many times, over so many years.

Huge Congratulation Matt Orum.

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