Calvin Heimburg coming up clutch in the season opener at LVC

Calvin Heimburg coming up clutch in the season opener at LVC

Calvin Heimburg came up with an impressive persistent win in the season opener of the DGPT 2023, at the Las Vegas Challenge (LVC).

From the first throw of the tournament, it felt like an instant Las Vegas Challenge classic in terms of the unpredictable weather and gusty winds.
The courses at Wildhorse Golf Club demands a combination of power, control, and wind-reading ability. The fast greens, numerous OB areas and hazards making every shot count. 

It became a two-man race on the lead card down the stretch between Kevin Jones and Calvin Heimburg.
The two players showcased contrasting styles of play on the final seven holes, with Jones taking a conservative approach and conceding multiple holes by being content with par, trying to hold onto his two-stroke lead. Heimburg, meanwhile, was the aggressor, picking up two clutch birdies on some of the toughest holes, 15 and 16. Arguably throwing the two best shots of the tournament on back-to-back holes when it counted the most.

The tension continued to build as both players found themselves tied heading into the final hole. Heimburg was fortunate to stick his drive a couple of inches inbounds on a little mount even. Jones' meanwhile did not keep his drive high enough and was punished by the wind shoving the disc straight down into the out of bounds water, all but sealing his fate.

Although Jones almost pulled off his best James Conrad impersonation by hitting the top of the basket from around 200 feet on his par attempt, which would have forced Calvin Heimburg to earn the win with a circle's-edge putt for birdie.
Instead he could tap in, claiming his second LVC thanks to a griddy performance including four C2 putts, overcame a double bogey on hole 7, and just kept on playing. 

The DGPT is finally here, and it feels like the parity in this stacked field of players this season might be at an all-time high.

Tournament name: Las Vegas Challenge (LVC).

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Courses: 2; Innova and Millinnium.

Course design/Terrain: Rolling hills with several elevation changes, short grass, fast greens, water and sand hazards.

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