Another Year On Tour - Hjalte Jensen

Another Year On Tour - Hjalte Jensen

Hjalte Jensen has capped off his 2nd year on tour. We are here to give you some insight and Hjaltes own take on a whirlwind of experiences, memories, and then add some pretty impressive achievements to the resume.

Danish Champion

Hjaltes season spanned 10 different countries and 26 tournaments. But the biggest highlight of the season came on home turf.
This was the year where Hjalte wouldn’t take a backseat to no-one of his danish peers, winning the Danish Championship in a quite superior fashion.

"I think the biggest thing for me was winning the Danish Championship for the first time. It was one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever had," Hjalte expressed, emphasizing the significance of this triumph as a personal goal of his.”

USDGC - First Major in the States

Another notable goal was realized for Hjalte as he went playing in the: USDGC. An experience that he describes as "probably one of the coolest disc golf trips yet." The tournament's impeccable organization, professional atmosphere, and a stellar course layout left quite the impression on Hjalte Jensen:

USDGC is one of my favorite tournaments so far. Everything was just super well organized and had such a professional feeling to it. The course is now one of my all time favorites, the layout was amazing this year, and there was such great attention to detail all around.”

Hjalte went ahead and took 18th place, and reflects on his performance.

“Having the past experiences of these kind of tournaments has now allowed me to be more comfortable when going to compete. I feel like I belong out there and also have a genuine chance to compete for the wins. And finishing in the top 20 without feeling like I was playing crazy good, just showed me that I can actually do it.”

Quick sidenote: Hjalte was attempting sending his disc into orbit, as he launched it 196meters at the USDGC distance competition, which made good for 3rd place - That's elite distance and then some.

Mijas - A Climactic Finish

As Hjalte and the season a a whole reached its conclusion in Mijas, Hjalte found a different gear, describing his game as reaching an all-time high. Despite being unable to capitalize on his opportunities in the first two rounds, Hjalte came out final round absolut blazing hot and shredded for personal best-rated round yet, and course-record at Mijas. Capping off the season with a very satisfying performance.

"It felt like I really found a different mode after playing in Åland, and hopefully I can bring that game or possibly better into the next season." Hjalte mused, ending the season on a high note and laying the groundwork for future success.

World Rankings

Throughout the season, Hjalte kept a keen eye on the world rankings, initially viewing it as a fun comparison tool among friends and peers on tour. However, as the season progressed, he began to see it as a tangible goal, culminating in a current placement of 68th in the world.

"I'm very pleased to already be at number 68. I think this system is a great thing for our sport to have, and hopefully I'll be making my way up the ladder next year,”.

Well, exciting times ahead! We congratulate you on the past season, Hjalte. We are very much looking forward to follow alongside next season.

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