Isaac Robinson Winning His 1st Major

Isaac Robinson Winning His 1st Major

Isaac Robinson was absolutely phenomenal winning the 1st Major of the year, and in comfortable fashion leading wire-to-wire. Robinson made his final round ‘easy’ on himself by shredding the course in the first three rounds: -11, -11 & -12. As Big Jerm & Ulibarri eluded to multiple times during the Jomez coverage, Isaac Robinson seemed unfazed by the tight fairways that for mortal pro-players at least can be intimidating.
W.R Jackson is a beautiful course which incapsulates woods golf at its finest -  certainly the players have to throw good shots and still have to get lucky on a couple of holes, but watching these players striping one daunting tee shot after another, with speed and control. Just very exciting and impressive to watch.

On Championship Sunday, Robinson entered the final round with a 7-stroke lead. Although there was some drama towards the end of the round with a charge from Silas Schultz, Niklas Anttila, and Eagle McMahon, Robinson's consistent performance throughout the tournament allowed him to finish strong with a total 40-under score on the W.R. Jackson track, securing him the win.

This win was particularly special to him - not only because it was his first win at a Major, but because it took place in his home state and his family was present to support him.
Robinson went through an emotional experience during the final round while walking from hole 13 to 14, when he saw his family and began to feel overwhelmed with emotions. However, Robinson managed to focus on the task at hand and put his emotions aside to finish the round. Robinson explained that the pressure began to subside with just a few holes to play, and he was able to feel more confident after making a 30-foot putt on hole 16. With a six-stroke lead going into the last two holes, he knew he was in a good position to win.

Huge congratulations to Isaac Robinson - watch out for his name in the standings, especially in tournaments where the fairways shrinks.

Player Shoutout:
If you don’t know, now you know: Silas Schultz…

Dedicated disc golf fans already knows about him, but for many this might be a new face to the disc golf scene: Silas Schultz, with a breakout tournament, finishing 4th.
This backhand technician gave a tutorial in throwing laser-beam after laser-beam down the narrow fairways with his Metal-flake FD. If you want to see mesmerizing flight of the disc that have zero movement to the left or right, go watch Jomez and Gatekeeper coverage of this guy showing out.. Btw, Silas was inches away from a ridicules ace on the 420ft (128m) hole 11 in the final round, which would have gotten him to a perfect -11 on 11 holes.

Looking forward watching you throw again Mr. Schultz.

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